Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Educational Plans for 2014-2015

Last year brought so many changes to our family. We added a beautiful daughter, enrolled Nathaniel in public school full time, enrolled Alex in a charter school, and learned to navigate special needs we weren't prepared for. It was rough. Many days I felt like crawling under the covers and never showing my face again. However, God gave us the strength to run the race and I feel as if I can finally breathe. Jon and I have learned to only look at the coming school year. We no longer try to plan for the future. We have a goal, but the details on getting there may look different every year. Here is what next year looks like for us.

Micah- 15 years old and a sophmore in highschool

Micah will continue his education at home. He is self taught and very easy to have around. Actually, I'm not sure I could manage daily life without him. He is my right hand when Jon is at work.

Sonlight Core 300- 20th Century World History
20th Century Literature
The One Year Adventure Novel
Chemistry- outside class
Algebra 2
Beyond the Beat- outside music/drum group

Alex- 13 years old and in 8th grade

Alex had a great experience at Kepler for the last few months of his seventh grade year. We learned many wonderful things about Alex. He discovered a love for science and drawing. While Kepler was a great opportunity, the drive every day was getting to be too much. So, next year he will come back
home for his education.

Sonlight Core G/H- World History/ Literature
Cover Story writing curriculum/ grammar
Pre-algebra or Math 7 (depends on his placement test. This will be a new curriculum for us.)
Life Science- outside class
Beyond the Beat- outside music/ drum group where he will be playing the bass guitar

Kaelyn- 7 years old and will be in 1st grade

Kaelyn will also be homeschooled next year. As explained in the previous post, we went through the public school IEP process and decided that home was best. Age wise, she should be entering second grade. However, we feel that holding her back will close the gab a bit between her and her peers. It
won't help a ton but maybe a smidge. She is not able to follow any curriculum, so everything will be taught through various means. I've been developing my own IEP for her and will work on reaching certain goals. When I'm done with the IEP I will write a separate post about it.

Nathaniel- 7 years old and will be in 1st grade

Nathaniel will continue in our local public school. We are retaining him in first grade and we feel this will give him the opportunity to mature and be even more successful. He could probably manage moving up, but Jon and I don't feel like that would be in his best interest. Fortunately he will continue with the same teacher and aid. Everything will be familiar and I suspect that he will soar. My goal will be to help him become independent with his homework. Our school gives a ton of homework which we didn't do much of this past year. My goal is to get through it all.

Lily- 5 years old and will be entering Kindergarten

This next year will have Lily in public school. We aren't sure whether or not she will be a print reader or a braille reader. These next few years should help us to decide. Jon and I both feel that the public school vision program is amazing and will be the best place for her to learn braille. I have someone who is willing to teach her outside of the school, but the time investment would probably be my undoing. To master braille she needs at least an hour of instruction a day once she hits first grade. I can't do that and homeschool my others effectively at the same time. Lily is an amazingly bright little girl and will thrive wherever we put her. We hope to homeschool her some day, but we are willing to leave her in school for braille if that is what will make her most successful in life.

Mae- 5 years old in September and in Kindergarten

I can't believe that my baby is going to be in kindergarten! It's quite shocking and exciting all at the same time. Mae will be joining Nathaniel and Lily at our local public school. She will actually be considered transitional kindergarten because she misses the cutoff by 17 days. However, Mae is very smart and I know she will be done with kindergarten by the end of the year. If we decide to keep her in public school for the following year we will petition to have her moved to first grade. If we homeschool her, then we will just move her on up.

Our biggest goal for having the three youngest in school is to allow me the time to really focus on Kaelyn. I will be her speech therapist, occupational therapist, and special education teacher all wrapped up in one. I want to really focus on her so that we may then transition the others back home when the time is right.

I'm very excited about our coming year. I feel The Lord has given us so much peace about each child's path.


  1. I love reading your posts and seeing pictures of your beautiful & handsome children! As a former home-schooling mom and now a teacher for students with visual impairments (including several with albinism) in public schools in Virginia, I love reading your "mom" perspective on everything. Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job!
    My sister (julesquilts) introduced me to you and I'm so glad!

  2. Well done, Liz. Well done. So pleased to see all your beloved kids doing well.