Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Path for Alex

Ten years ago Jon and I made the decision to home educate our two boys. We wanted to be able to provide the best education for our children and homeschooling was our path. For ten years I have covered every subject for my big boys. For ten years I have helped them through their struggles and rejoiced with them in their successes.

Tuesday will be the first day that one of them will enter a brick and mortar school. Alex is going to be taught by someone other than me. He's going to experience school in a different way than we imagined all those years ago. It's time to set aside what we desired from the beginning and make decisions based on what will be best for our creative boy.

There comes a point in time when it's ok to admit that things aren't working. I've come to that point. Alex needs more than I can give him. He needs to be taught in a way that brings life to his subjects. So often he and I just try to get it done and check it off. Tempers start to flare and frustration reigns. My desire is for him to love to learn and right now he doesn't. A change needs to be made.

Alex will be finishing up his seventh grade year at Kepler Neighborhood School. Kepler is a charter school located in downtown Fresno. This school focuses on hands on learning and has a service component. Students work together in small groups with a lot of personal attention.

I'm very excited for Alex and this new adventure. He is not. Please pray for him as he transitions. Pray that he will develop a love for learning and that he will understand what is being taught. Pray for friends.

I also ask for prayer. Pray that The Lord will give me the energy to accomplish all that is before me. These next few months are filled with at least four appointments per week. I will now have one child downtown for school, one at our neighborhood school, two homeschooling, and two preschoolers. My car and I are going to have a very close relationship!


  1. You know Bruce and Sarah are teaching at Kepler. They are very enthusiastic about what is going on there. I think he will thrive, and applaud your ability to adapt to changing situations. Neta

    1. Neta- One of the reasons we are comfortable sending him is because we know quite a few teachers, staff, and board members. Their enthusiasm shows.

  2. Having been through this transition with my three, I get it. Will pray.

  3. I put my seventh grader in school this year. It was a slow adjustment but now he is doing so well we are amazed and so grateful. It is always a hard choice. I have decided that we just take it a year at a time. I have six children 14 to 4. I have homeschooled some years and other I have sent them to school. But is has always worked out.

  4. Praying all is well with the Grabowski clan. <3