Friday, October 4, 2013

Speech: A Few weeks in

Kaelyn has now been attending the speech program for a few weeks. The first three are spent assessing and getting a baseline. It is not surprising that she tests below the 1% for her age. We can only go up, right!

Last week the therapist started working on having her express what she wants. When presented with two choices, ie a doll and a paperclip, she is to say "I want doll, please." It wasn't clicking at first and then the light bulb went on. Just yesterday she came down the hall and said "Kaelyn highchair." Then she stopped and rephrased it to "I want highchair, please." I was so proud of her!

Our next task is for her to be able to reply 'yes' or 'no' to a question. She gets very confused with this concept. I'm confident that we will get there!

We are also working on her articulation. It is terrible! This week she tackled 'm', 'b', 'p', and 'n' sounds. Sometimes she can do it and other times she drops the sounds. She has come so far since we adopted her that I know she will continue to progress.

I am so encouraged to finally have some help navigating this journey with Kaelyn. Please continue to pray for her as she grows and her mind is challenged. Pray, also, for Jon and I that God will give us wisdom in how to best help her meet her fullest potential. She is a blessing!


  1. I am so excited for Kaelyn and her speech progress! We are working on the same articulation issues and the exact same phrases here - funny :)

  2. This is so awesome. Not sure if this will help you. My Niece, Melyssa Descovich, used Sign Language and then spoke the words to help her son. She would do the same type of Therapy as above with the paper clip and doll, but added sign language with verbalization. Might be too much for Kaelyn or she might take it as a pass and only use sign language. Just a thought. You and the family are always in my prayers. Love Lynn

  3. Liz - I saw the link to your blog on No Hands But Ours and thought I would touch base with you again. We adopted Keira (Weihong) who was at Dove's Wings with Kaelyn, last November. We met your daughter when we visited Bev at Dove's Wings during our week in Xi'an. Are you guys in CA? We are in Orange County.

    I so glad Kaelyn is making such great progress in her speech. Keira is also in a group speech class twice a week and is making great progress. It would be wonderful if our girls could see each other again some time.

    Shawn Shreeves