Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Years Ago

It's hard to imagine that two years ago we become the parents of Nathaniel and Mae. It's seems like the time has flown by and it seems like we have had them forever. I'll never forget the moment we met them.  Mae hated me with a passion. She cried, screamed, and hit me. One of my first phrases in Mandarin was "don't hit mama!" She eventually accepted me and then wouldn't let go. She was sweet, very quiet, and a tiny little thing.

Today Mae is such a different child than the one I met. She is spunky, loving, smart, a bit of a stinker, and such a sweet child to have around. I adore her!

I was busy with Mae when Nathaniel was brought to us. He went right to Jon because Jon had food. Food was essential to this little guy for his adjustment. We learned pretty quickly that this he was a quite a handful. Nathaniel was also delayed. Even though he was four, he acted like a two year old.

Nathaniel has made tremendous strides over the last two years. He no longer rages and he seems to be acting more appropriate for his age. This little guy picked up the English language incredibly fast and  now reads at grade level. He is inquisitive, loving, adventurous, joyful, friendly, talkative, and smart. This energetic boy has taught me to love with my actions and not my feelings; a great lesson to learn. I now love him with all my heart.

I praise God every day for these little lives that He brought into our family. I can't imagine life without them!

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  1. I started reading your blog from the Sonlight forums, and still love reading your updates. Thanks for sharing them!